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How Nexogic Works?

Connect with your colleagues, publish your medical cases and get answers to your questions. Interact seamlessly with both patients and Healthcare Community. With Nexogic, all healthcare stakeholders (patients, physicians, hospitals, clinics, pharma and labs) can finally find answers to all health-related issues without leaving their offices or homes.

Connect with Healthcare Community anywhere in the world

There has never been a better time to be a healthcare professional. Nexogic offers the opportunity to collaborate and interact with your colleagues wherever they are in the world.

Get personalized clinical updates, latest news, and guidelines in the industry, access to certified courses, discuss medical cases, ask questions, and so much more without leaving the platform.

Review Management

Track patient reviews and build your online profile with nexogic to showcase your expertise. Our patient reviews and star rating features reward hard work and consistency. Stay on top of your practice with Nexogic.

Virtual Clinic

Connect with your patients virtually via one-on-one video call. Negoxic offers a simple, secure, and HIPPA compliance telehealth solution.

Patients Referrals Made Easy

Get patient referrals and grow your practice through our reliable referral program. With a unified platform like Nexogic, you can easily refer patients to the right specialist anywhere on the planet with the click of a button.

What makes Nexogic different?

No one else cares the way we do. Nexogic provides you with the ultimate healthcare professional network and complete healthcare solutions on a single platform.

With Nexogic, you will have access to;

  • Colleagues and other medical professionals
  • Medical advice and discuss medical cases with experts
  • SEO-based profile build-up with review tracking
  • Published medical content and case studies
  • Highly secured HIPAA compliance platform for secure chat and video appointments
  • And so much more.

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