Reduction in revenue lost due to referral leakage.

Nexogic’s advanced referral system help monitor referral transitions between health systems and ensure your referral stays in-network so you save up in revenue


Reduction in lead time.

Operational inefficiencies are an unnecessary inconvenience for the patient and physician alike.

Get rid of bottlenecks by maximizing Nexogic cloud-based hospital management system.
It’s fast, easy to use, and cost-effective.


Reduction in no-shows.

Get automated reminders/notifications for your next appointment.

Get referrals

With Nexogic, other hospitals and medical professionals on our platform can see the experts at your disposal, and they can refer patients to you with ease. It’s super fast and effective!

Patient engagement

A strong patient-physician relationship is essential for an effective healthcare system. It improves treatment adherence and patients’ satisfaction. This is why Nexogic allows you to seamlessly manage patients’ appointments and drive engagement on a single platform.

Alumnus and events

Keep conversations going with the hospital alumni using Nexogic and encourage them to attend events.


Nexogic’s single dashboard is specifically tailored for your hospital and lets you manage patients, doctors, and other stakeholders in the hospital. This is a one–of–a–kind hospital engagement system that enables you to focus on what’s important.

Hire top medical practitioners

You also have access to the top medical practitioners on the platform. You can reach out to them when you are expanding. The good thing is, their profile already answers most of the questions you might have. You will find their medical cases, published content, and other vital information on their SEO-optimized Nexogic profile.

Expand with Nexogic


You can’t stop learning with Nexogic. Get access to published CME content on the platform and share it with your employees.


Showcase your hospital’s expertise by publishing medical content, CME, case studies, and much more on Nexogic.


Our widget also makes it easy to integrate your third-party systems, including an appointment management system and professional profiles.

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