Decrease in the frequency of clinically inappropriate referrals.

90% of physicians believe there is referral misdirection because of a lack of reliable information about the specialist.

Your SEO-based digital profile on Nexogic highlights your specialty and previous works to the referring physician so your referrals are more tailored to your specialty.


Reduction in revenue lost due to referral leakage.

Nexogic’s advanced referral system help monitor referral transitions between health systems and ensure your referral stays in-network, so you save up in revenue.


Reduction in lead time.

Operational inefficiencies are an unnecessary inconvenience for the patient and physician alike.

Get rid of bottlenecks by maximizing Nexogic cloud-based hospital management system.
It’s fast, easy to use, and cost-effective.

Help patients find help faster.

When it seems your patient needs the services of a specialist, what do you do? Refer? Well, you can easily do that on Nexogic and grow your practice while doing so.

See, track and monitor referred patients.

When you refer patients on Nexogic, you can see their treatment level in real-time and connect with the specialist on a single dashboard. You can also visualize and track the progress of patients referred to you on the platform.

Reduce processing time

Our fast and efficient referral process reduces the time required to refer patients or get patients referred to you; no more manual paperwork. Refer patients to the appropriate expert in record time.

Automated feedback loop

Send your results on the referred patients to the next specialist, get feedback, discuss and do so much more with Nexogic. Our automated feedback loop makes the process easy.

Advantages of patient referral

Realtime messages

Exchange unlimited messages with the other specialist about the patient in real-time. No delay or loss of information. Get the referral all done on Nexogic

File exchange

Exchange patients’ files with the referred doctor without hassle on Nexogic. Embrace paperless and faster exchange.

Audit logs

Never lose track of events. Our referral process is well detailed and organized. You have access to the log of details about the date you referred the patient, when you sent the files, when the other specialist acknowledges them, and so much more.

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