74 %

Employees prefer easy access to healthcare services over physical interaction with providers

70 %

Reduction in no-shows.

80 %

Decrease in the frequency of clinically inappropriate referrals.

SEO-based Digital Profile and Microsite

Your professional digital profile makes it easy for patients and other healthcare professionals to find you. All you have to do is fill in your details, and you are set. Nexogic offers the ultimate SEO-based digital profile and microsite for the 21st-century medical practitioner.

Refer Patients

When a patient needs the service of another practitioner, how do you get them across in time? It’s time you do good work and get rewarded for it. Get patients to the right practitioners and have patients referred to you on Nexogic.

Drive Patient Engagement

With personal connection comes engagement. You have all the tools you need to connect with your patients and drive engagement on Nexogic.

Virtual Clinic

One of the factors that hinder patients’ treatment is difficulty in relating with doctors personally. With Nexogic, you can bypass unnecessary bureaucracy, connect with your patients on a personal note, and set up instant virtual consultation.

Manage Appointment

Like any other medical practitioner that knows their art, dealing with appointments can be a bone in the throat. It doesn’t matter the number and how complex your consulting schedule and hospital affiliations are; Nexogic will help you sort it without hassle.

Grow with Nexogic


Don’t stop learning with access to Continuing Medical Education (CME) content available on Nexogic.

Build your Network

Build the right network, connect with more professionals and do more good in the world. Nexogic opens you to a whole new world to do all you have always wanted to do.

Share Patient Cases

Be an expert in the field and share patient cases with colleagues.


Read, comment, and share medical content, cases and get free access to researches.

Get Hired

Jobs come knocking on your door when you place yourself as an expert on Nexogic.

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