HIPAA compliant video conferencing tool.

All sensitive data and health information are heavily safeguarded to ensure the confidentiality and integrity


Secure messaging.

All chats are protected by an end to end encryption to prevent data breaches.



Reduction in no-shows.

Get automated reminders/notifications for your next appointment.

What’s your employees’ health status?

Nexogic’s employee health dashboard provides you see summarized and real-time view of your employees’ health status while providing the best care there is.

Book appointments online with top doctors

Booking an appointment with the best doctors just got easier. Find them on the platform and set a time that is convenient for you both. They won’t disappoint.

Health reminders

Get reminders about doctor’s appointments, tests, medication, and so much more.

Secure chat with your doctor

Exchange direct messages with your doctor without risking getting sensitive information to unauthorized personnel. You also don’t have to share your personal number.

Easy access to health records

Keep your health records and access them anytime. See your health records on a dashboard and share if you need to for official purposes.

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