HIPAA compliant video conferencing tool.

All sensitive data and health information are heavily safeguarded and electronically protected to ensure confidentiality and integrity.


Secure messaging.

All chats are protected by an end to end encryption to prevent data breaches.


Reduction in no-shows.

Get automated reminders/notifications for your next appointment.

Functional advantages

Smart waitlist

Spend more time practicing. Let Nexogic deal with setting appointments and requests.

Patient outreach

Our messaging platform allows you to be proactive and show your patients that you care when you reach out.

Patient communication

Understand your patients’ situations and listen to their questions even if you are thousands of kilometers away.

Improve Patient Interactions

Get to know and understand your patients to build trust in your practice through the secure messaging platform offered by Nexogic. Recognized as a leading patient referral management software in the healthcare industry, Nexogic enhances the doctor-patient relationship, promoting effective communication and streamlined collaboration.

Secure Chat

Never have to worry about disclosing your personal number or a third party stealing confidential information. You and your patients are in safe hands. Nexogic Ensure privacy in your conversations with a secure chat feature. Rest easy, knowing your communication is protected while maintaining seamless interaction.

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