Patients satisfaction after the first virtual session.


Reduction in waiting time compared to a conventional clinic .


Patients prefer getting test results online.

Boundless clinic.

Break limits with Nexogic’s virtual clinic, attend to patients anywhere in the world, on any device at any time you deem fit.

Easy access to patients.

With Nexogic, you can finally provide all the help your patients need wherever they are in the world. You can conveniently provide care for them, advice, set appointments and meetings, educate, diagnose, monitor, and so much more with our telemedicine solution.

Efficient and user-friendly virtual interaction option

Nexogic’s video chat option creates a solid, efficient, and secure patient-physician interaction. Video chat with patients has never been safer and accessible. Connecting with your patients is just one click away.

Contactless meetings

Even when the pandemic is over, some patients will prefer contactless meetings for various reasons – and truthfully, you will prefer it too. You have a go-to solution in Nexogic virtual clinic for all contactless meetings. Connect with your patients anytime and anywhere with our secure platform.

Secure and private video rooms

Our platform provides secured and HIPPA compliant private chat rooms and video rooms. Your conversations are well secured throughout the meeting.

Secure messaging

Address your patients’ deepest concerns over our secure messaging platform without sharing your personal phone number. All they have to do is connect with you on our platform, and you can start the conversation right away.

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