The Healthcare Landscape Is Changing, and Should Doctors Catch Up?

  • January 27, 2023
  • Nexogic

Healthcare delivery systems have drastically changed over the past couple of years. Maybe the pandemic played a part in it as well. But we can safely say it’s for the better as the changes brought about utilizes technology and has the potential to decrease stress levels of healthcare workers.

Telemedicine; put simply, is a new type of healthcare delivery system in which physicians can utilize their smartphones to more or less run an actual clinic and deliver their services to patients.

 Which might seem like a silly notion at first, but when you take a look at the development of technology over the decade, it is within the realm of possibility.   

It’s like an ideal remote work space for doctors and the service is tactfully named as a virtual clinic by doctors who use it. And it simply refers to the practice of connecting with patients through the internet via their computers or smartphones.

What are the benefits of shifting to telemedicine?


We created Nexogic as digital space for physicians who are looking to make that leap and from our interactions with the wider medical community, here are some benefits from their first hand experience:

Patients love it!

They are the backbone of the healthcare industry— patients. One of the biggest reasons why there is demand to shift to telemedicine is consumer satisfaction. Scheduling issues from patients and doctors are common.

The world is busy! And it can be hard to come to terms between two parties when they are meeting face to face. Imagine if you can save the time you utilize for commuting and getting ready for work or a doctor’s appointment .

It’s one of the reasons why many corporations are reporting higher productivity working in remote work from home conditions.

  • Long story short: by transitioning to a remote digital service, doctors open up many more possibilities and patients are happy to receive care from their home through their computer or smartphone, which saves time and results in smooth scheduling with no issues. 
  • Furthermore, connecting through digital space indirectly cuts down the costs for patients. On average, studies show that each patient saves anywhere between US $19 to $121 per visit when they connect through a digital platform (1).

Overall, it’s beneficial for patients and hence response has been positive to adapting to this new technology.

You can increase your productivity

Let the algorithms do the job!

  • Instead of managing and scheduling each visit, with a Nexogic profile, patients can directly book their appointments and consult with doctors real time. You can approve their request or schedule it as you seem fit.
  • And you get to manage it all from just with your smartphone. This reduces the waiting time for patients and you get to access patients at your convenience. It’s a system geared towards comfort and optimal care.

With this shift in healthcare delivery, clinics can significantly reduce their patients’ visits. And to reduce the burden among workers, the labor can then be diverted to other departments which might need immediate attention, such as the emergency department.

It’s a win-win-win for clinics, doctors and patients.

Wrapping Up

Change is constant! Right now the healthcare industry is going through a shift, which is perfectly aligned with recent trends and developments in information technology. There are many advantages for professionals who are ready to take the leap and work for better healthcare delivery.

We at Nexogic help physicians do what they do best: care. If convenience and comfort are part of the mix, then the digital space is the way to go. Hence if you’re part of the healthcare industry, we invite you to register on our new platform, and help us bring this change. Best!

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