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  • February 10, 2023
  • Nexogic

So what’s Nexogic? You see, the idea behind our new platform starts with a story. It’s the information era, and social media has become a part of many of our lives.

From our passion for the healthcare industry, we at Nexogic have observed new trends and developments by following experts in the medical sector.

And we strongly believe there should be a new digital arena for physicians and clinics in which people can connect with their colleagues and patients. The brainchild of our belief is Nexogic.

A digital platform that brings people together, specifically people from the healthcare industry. Here are some of our reasonings:

You Deserve To Be Heard!

There are many digital services available online that let you connect with people. But with Nexogic, we mean serious business. It’s made for medical professionals and caters to their needs and responsibilities.

As a doctor, you can imagine posting a life-saving highly niche-specific information snippet on popular social media platforms. And your chances of reaching your desired audience, colleagues, and patients are dependent on an algorithm and are low.

If you’re lucky, the platform boasts your posts; and your snippet can reach a wider audience. But where they fail is that these audiences might be K- pop fans. Or worse, it gets buried under spam, which is common on those platforms.

With Nexogic, our mission is to bring together medical experts. So they can freely share their opinion and expertise. We assure their opinions and that any further discussions are heard by the wider medical community.

We Are the Ideal Online Healthcare Ecosystem

When designing our platform, it was clear the medical industry was going through a massive shift. Practices that were common before, such as face-to-face interactions, decreased in popularity throughout the pandemic due to several risk factors, such as infections.

But medical professionals welcomed these new changes in the healthcare industry and its shift towards a digital space.

Yet, as we discussed, in today’s social media engagement takes priority over vital information. To capitalize on this demand for a healthcare-centric digital space, with Nexogic, we have created an ideal platform where doctors can stay in touch with their colleagues, share their patient case studies, and engage in scientific discussions.

And it’s open to all in the medical industry. Come and share your story! We aspire to be a platform that bridges the gap between modern communication technology and the healthcare industry.

Here is an article you should find interesting where we dive deep into this shift in the medical industry.

It’s one of the earliest examples in our platform of how doctors can utilize technology to connect with colleagues and gain experience through sharing knowledge. Think of it like a high-functioning Reddit space for doctors and all other clinical professions.

Other Icing on the Cake —- SEO and Jobs Boards

From our interactions with the medical fraternity, we understood medical professionals were interested in increasing their online presence. Because this was beneficial to their business. With an increased outreach, the chances of connecting with more patients increased significantly.

To assist with that goal, our platform focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on all the profiles in our database. And to further connect clinics with doctors on our portal, we envisioned a unique jobs board suited for medical professionals.

For learning more about the features at your disposal with a Nexogic profile, visit this page.

Wrapping Up

So that’s the story behind our startup. It started as a simple idea to connect people. Yet, this seed today has grown into a tree that wants to change the healthcare landscape forever. With every innovation and new value addition to the platform, we inch closer to our goal. And we appreciate all the help.

You have made it to the end! We are inviting you to sign up on our platform. Please visit this page.

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