Employees prefer easy access to healthcare services over physical interaction with providers

Corporate bodies can maximize Nexogic’s state-of-the-art virtual clinic to gain unlimited access to the best healthcare services for their employees.


Patients satisfaction after the first virtual session

Nexogic offers your employees simple and convenient access to some of the best medical experts on the planet.


Reduction in operating cost

Nexogic virtual clinic is a cost-effective and patient-centric alternative to the conventional clinic.

You get the best value for your money

Show care with Nexogic.

Trusted experts

Access to medical professionals your organization can trust to care for your employees

Comprehensive healthcare

One-stop solution to all things health only at Nexogic.

Family coverage

Get your employees’ families on board at no extra cost. They also get to enjoy the same premium benefits as your employee.

Highly secured

We don’t sell data. We don’t use them without your consent.

Medical records

Keep up-to-date on your employees’ health status on a single dashboard.

Comprehensive health check-up

All employees of registered organizations on Nexogic get unlimited access to comprehensive health check-ups anytime at no extra charge. Prioritize your employees’ well-being by registering on Nexogic now.

Expert Medical Opinion

Whatever the medical issue, you can be sure to get the help you need on Nexogic. You have access to hundreds of the industry’s best minds. All you need to initiate a conversation is to search for the expert on the platform.

Virtual primary care

Leverage Nexogic to give your employees convenient face time with primary care providers. Our virtual clinic makes it possible for medical professionals to provide immediate virtual consultations to their patients.

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